Recommended Products & Services

This page is your one stop shop for all of the mental and emotional health products and services that have been mentioned throughout various blog articles.

I’ve gathered my top picks for mental/emotional products and services and I’ve also listed a few of my favorite blogging resources (in case you’re an aspiring blogger and need a few tips!).

Mental and Emotional Health Resources

1) – Professional Online Counseling

As we all know, therapy can help with mental and/or emotional health issues you may be struggling with on a daily basis or as a result of a traumatic event.

Getting started with a certified therapist is easy with OnlineTherapy!

If you’d like to start online therapy with a certified therapist (plus a full toolbox including extra supportive activities) you can get 20% off your first full month with this special discount link!

Check out any of the the online therapy links to discover what is offered in their complete toolbox, what the program entails, amazing reviews and more!

2) Panic Away – Anxiety/Panic Attack Treatment Program

Anxiety and Panic Attacks impact hundreds of thousands of people every day. Barry McDonagh is one of the most sought after anxiety coaches out there.

His personal experience with anxiety lead him to discover an incredible program which has helped thousands of people regain control of their lives by eliminating or significantly reducing anxiety and panic attacks.

Panic Away is a program designed to eliminate the root of your anxiety to help you achieve a higher quality of life.

Discover everything Panic Away has to offer plus all the extras!

3) Mosaic Weighted Blankets – Weighted Blankets and Accessories

Weighted blankets and accessories have been used by adults and children as a way of reducing anxiety and encouraging relaxation.

The founder Laura LeMond, suffers from anxiety and panic disorder. She discovered that weighted products were the key for calming herself down, influencing a good night’s sleep and lowering her stress hormones.

Weighted blankets and accessories have been known to help ease a number of mental and emotional health symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Check out the quality and variety of weighted products from Mosaic HERE.

Check Laura’s story out under the “About Us” > “Our Story” section found HERE.

Blogging and Organization Resources

1) Best Self – Journals, Planners and other personal development essentials

Working toward your mental and emotional well-being is the first step in influencing the best version of yourself. Best Self offers a variety of journals, planners and more, to help you organize your thoughts and reach your personal goals.

Check them out HERE and start working toward your best self, mentally, emotionally and/or physically, today!

After all, a goal without a plan is just a dream. Discover all the tools you need to organize your goals into actionable steps and start working toward your dreams today!

2) Bluehost – Web Hosting Provider

Bluehost is the provider that I’ve been using to host Mind and Body lifestyle! So far, my experience with them has been amazing and they’re a great (inexpensive) option to use for the first several years of your blogging journey!

*Pro-tip* You’ll need to be self hosted (aka use your own provider like Bluehost) if you plan to monetize your website.

Launch that website you’ve been putting off with Bluehost hosting today!