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Welcome to my blog

The ideas behind this blog

Welcome to the blog at Mind and Body lifestyle! I used to think of mental and emotional health as a luxury.

I thought I would only allow myself to pursue them after I “considered myself successful”. The problem was that I didn’t realize that my underlying idea of success was to be happy with myself inside and out. Not to climb the corporate ladder or have the latest and greatest “thing”. To consistently work toward the best version of myself and still enjoying life along the way – that’s what true happiness in life is about!

Personally, I’ve been through a variety of challenging situations which have allowed me to learn a lot about my own mental and emotional health. And that’s why I started this blog! To help other navigate these struggles in an easier, healthy way.

My hope for this blog is to share everything I’ve learned over the years and to inspire you to work toward your personal idea of health and wellness success – in the most sustainable, non-b.s. way possible!

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Mental and emotional health are a huge part of what propels us toward out goals. Also, it’s important for maintaining healthy relationships and overall quality of life. If you’re willing to educate yourself on a variety of common issues, you’ll be able to identify things in your own life that you may want to improve.

Small steps every single day will add up to great results. Write down the fitness, health and/or well-being goals you have for yourself and take action today!